Gelagat mamat curi gitar bernilai $5000

on Rabu, 3 Oktober 2012

Betul-betul berani remaja ini...begitu selamba sekali...

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Two minutes was all it took for a youth to steal a $5,000 guitar from a guitar store at Excelsior Hotel's shopping arcade, before he calmly exited the premises as seen in CCTV footage sent in by STOMPer A. The footage shows the youth entering the store with an empty guitar bag slung over his shoulder, and then placing a 1999 Gretsch 6128T Jet Black guitar into it before slowly leaving the store. STOMPer A wrote: "I'm helping a friend post this. "A case of theft occurred at the Guitar Connection shop in Excelsior Hotel. "This young chap walked into the shop with an empty guitar bag, and proceeded to look around before coming across a 1999 Gretsch 6128T George Harrison Signature Duo Jet Black electric guitar worth approximately S$5,000. "After establishing that the coast was clear, he then placed the guitar into his guitar bag, before walking around the shop nonchalantly, and then walking out. "When this happened, a customer was seated in the store while the staff were inside the repair workshop." Latest update: The youth has since owned up to the shop's owners after CCTV footage of his actions had gone viral on the internet.
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