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on Sabtu, 1 September 2012

sumber :

Berani betu perempuan ni..tak sangka pulak dia kaki kebas kalau di tengokkan gaya pada gambar perempuan yang ada duit...

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STOMPer Victor caught a foreigner on camera stealing a pair of leather shoes worth over $100 from his shop in City Plaza today. Said Victor: "This happened around 1.09pm today at my shop at City Plaza. "My staff was serving a customer when it happened, and when my staff checked the rack, there were only three pairs of shoes on it. "We usually display four pairs of shoes on the rack. "My staff alerted me and I went down to review the CCTV footage. "By that time it was already an hour later. "This woman, who looks like a foreigner, was caught taking a pair of women's leather shoes worth over $100. "I have not yet informed the police as I will need to go personally to make a police report as the incident happened more than half an hour ago."
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