Gelagat emak suruh anak lempang diri sendiri di Restoran Mc Donald'ss

on Selasa, 4 September 2012

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Macam-macam cara ibu atau bapa mengajar anak.Kadang-kadang ada cara yang pelik....
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STOMPer Melvin was concerned after witnessing a mother make her crying son slap himself at a McDonald's outlet. When the son refused to slap himself again, the mother hit him across his left cheek. The boy was crying as his mother scolded him and told him to slap himself. He eventually slapped himself on the right cheek, but his mother said: 'Two sides. Left and right.' The boy continued crying and his mother said: 'I'm going to do it or do you want to slap yourself?' The boy refused to slap himself this time and the mother then slapped him across the left cheek. The STOMPer wrote: "It was a Sunday afternoon where a family was having lunch at McDonald's. I had just found a seat and noticed a mother ranting at her son shouting: 'I want you slap yourself! Or you want me to do it for you?'. "When the son finally slapped himself on the left cheek she was was still not satisfied and said: 'I want it left and right and harder!' "In the end, the son agreed to let the mother slap him. "This is something that all parents should take note of. The methods used by these kinds of parents are so drastic, even the boy's sister was not pleading for her brother but instead gloating at a corner playing her game. "I am very concerned about the boy's well-being and his childhood experience. I am afraid this boy will grow up with a psychological fear in him and will become a hateful person."
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