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on Jumaat, 31 Ogos 2012

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Parah kalau dapat maid macam ni...dikatakan maid ini baru kerja 3 hari...nak tahu cerita
sila tekan OPEN dispoiler dibawah
When Mr Eugene Tay, 41, logged on from work via his mobile phone to view the CCTV at home to check on his new maid, he saw her taking money from his daughter's piggy bank. The business owner then rushed home immediately and managed to catch the maid, who was just three days into her job, trying to hide something in her cupboard. It turns out that about $200 of the money found in the cupboard was from his daughter's piggy bank, while more than $1,000 had earlier been stolen from his wife's cabinet, said Mr Tay. He then took her to the maid agency where she was questioned. When she denied, he replayed the footage and surprised, she later admitted to her wrongdoing. The maid is no longer working for the family.
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