Gelagat pembantu rumah dera anak 2 tahun terakam CCTV

on Jumaat, 31 Ogos 2012

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Bila dapat pembantu rumah yang berperangai begini hati merasa geram kerana kepercayaan yang diberikan disalah guna.Bayi yang tak tahu apa-apa menjadi mangsa...
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A couple have filed a police report over the alleged mistreatment of their two-year-old daughter by their maid. According to a report in AsiaOne, the girl's father, Mr Tan Qing Yuan, 37, told The Straits Times that the incidents were captured on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera he had installed in his home. Mr Tan, a driver, claimed that the first incident happened two days after the maid from Myanmar was employed. He said the video footage showed the maid, Ms Siang Nei Thluai, 24, slamming the fridge door and injuring the toddler, according to the Shin Min Daily News. Mr Tan also said that she mistreated the girl two to three times in an hour on another occasion. In the video clips he showed The Straits Times, Ms Siang was seen closing the fridge door with one hand while carrying an infant in another arm. The fridge door moves a few times before a toddler appears from behind it and follows her. Another clip shows the toddler lying down in a playpen being forcefully pulled up by the shoulder. However according to Mr Tan, the police have said that there is still a lack of evidence and asked him to gather more evidence. A police spokesperson confirmed that a report was made last week and are investigating the case. He added that what the investigating officer told Mr Tan is confidential.
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